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Social Media Agency: Pinterest For Men

In the USA, 87% of  Pinterest (social media site) sign-ups are women, which begs the question: where do us males go to? I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that I have never and do not intend to use Pinterest, not just because joining a new social media site is daunting but because my passion for women’s clothes and recipes are just below my interest for a kick in the gonads. This set off a light bulb. An original idea that was bound to change the way men look at bacon and beards. Unfortunately this has already been thought up by quite a few clever men, so rather than sit and whine about why all my ideas have already been thought up by someone else or subconsciously nicked (notably the spinning pot noodle fork I thought of when eating spag bol as a 7 year-old), I’ll just give you a brief summary of my favourite man Pinterests.

This is my favourite because the logo screams gentleman and I consider myself to be one. The content isn’t to shabby either, this is what co founder Glen Stansberry had to say

“Pinterest is for sharing everything under the sun, and at Gentlemint we’re just focused on ‘manly’ content. We don’t care who is using the site—men, women, aliens—we’re just interested in a subset of content…”

I’ve just requested to join Gentlemint and I’m looking forward to spending my lunch hours creating board with the worlds most inspiring beard.

This one’s geared more to the laddish end of the male spectrum, touting more babes than beards. In my opinion it all depends on what mood you’re in and the kind of man you see yourself as.

All in all I think it’s just nice to have somewhere where us dudes can “man-out” and not feel bad about maybe looking at what’s going to be hot on the red carpet this summer…

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Social Media Agency: RAR Recommended

Just last week Online Marketing People gained a coveted position on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR for short).”What is that Sacha?” you may be asking, well I’ll tell you. The Recommended Agency Register is a search engine for agencies around the UK that works solely on what your clients say about you, this means if you’re a cream of the crop social media agency who’s clients think you’re the “dogs”, you’ll be at the top of the list.

If you search for Video Production agencies in Liverpool on the RAR website you’ll see two companies; Online Marketing People and the lovely people at ZUT media. This begs the question, are you a UK based agency that isn’t on the RAR? Well then, hop to it! I’ll tell you just how to go about it now. First you need to make your way to the RAR website and create an account for your agency. Then, you need to get a fair old few of your clients to go on the website and make sure they give you a sterling review, Robert’s your father’s brother and you’re on the Recommended Agency Register.

Here’s a little ditty that Paul Condron from Highland Spring said about RAR:

“RAR provided invaluable support in fast-tracking the agency selection process. They brought a unique market insight to help us rapidly develop a shortlist and offered strong advice on the selection process itself. Working with RAR helped us get a great result in a fraction of the time.” - Paul Condron, Highland Spring

Whether he was talking about a Social Media Agency or not, we’ll never know…

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