Get the Biggest Return on a Pay Per Click Campaign

Our pay per click (PPC) campaigns are intelligent, utilising a sophisticated keyword strategy to make sure your ad is optimised to target the right customers. These campaigns are very effective and cost efficient, as you only pay for clicks on your ad – which leads to more click-throughs, more traffic on your site and therefore, more business.


64% Of People Looking To Buy A Product Online Click On PPC Ads!

- WordStream research 2012

 Keyword ResearchKeywords Couldn’t be More Important

Using the latest in keyword monitoring technology, we make sure to use the optimum wording for your ad to get the most out of your PPC campaign.

 Market Research
Targeting Customers for Full Effect

Targeting the right customers is vital. Our talented team of online marketers can pin point your ideal geographical and demographical areas to maximise the effect of the campaign.

 Conversion Rate Optimization
A Cost Effective Way to Advertise

Not only does PPC guarantee to get your ad at the top of search results, you also only pay when a potential customer clicks on it making PPC one of the most cost efficient forms of advertising online.

Get to the Top of Google

Combining all these techniques with Google AdWords is a powerful way to boost your PPC campaign and get your business to the top of Google. We makes sure that your site appears first in Google listings as a featured website, giving customers every reason to see what you can offer.

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“We had a 67% average Return on Investment across all the campaigns we ran in 2012 by focusing on the revenue produced by all areas of the campaign.”

- Sean Brogan Director of O M People

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